17 Best and Unique Texture Design for Wall Painting

Creating a memorable impression is the main goal of your living room design. This is why texture design for wall painting for hall are becoming a go-to option for adding vibrancy, drama, and style to your living room. There are so many hall texture paint designs out there that it might get a little overwhelming for you. Decor sets the tone for your house, and your walls play a crucial role as they almost make up half of the decorating process.

Transforming your living space into a reflection of your personality is a delightful endeavor, and what better canvas to express yourself than your walls?

They say that the texture design you choose for your walls speaks volumes about your style and taste. Step into a world of exquisite interior textured paint designs that not only breathe life into your home but also exude sophistication and charm.

From subtle elegance to bold statements, these regal textures for your living room walls promise to elevate your space to new heights of grandeur.

Prepare to be captivated as we present a curated selection of stunning wall painting textures, each poised to transform your living room into a sanctuary of beauty and refinement. Get ready for a journey of impressive wall transformations, where every brushstroke tells a story of elegance and flair.

Texture Design for Wall Painting

  1. Stone Finish Texture Design for Wall Painting

Stone is a prevalent choice for exterior construction on buildings, but did you know it can also be incorporated into your home interior design? That’s right, this versatile material is ideal for those who appreciate a rustic aesthetic. Its longevity, sturdiness, and visually appealing appearance make it a top pick among homeowners and designers alike. Just take a look at how the stone texture on the living room wall adds a touch of medieval charm to the space.

  1. Wood Texture Design for Wall Painting

Do you intend to create a focal point wall in your living area? Consider adding a wood-textured wall in place of painting it a vivid red or blue. Paint and wallpaper rarely accomplish what a wooden wall can. It adds warmth, texture, and depth. Take a look at this picture. It seems like a piece of art on its own, don’t you think? Wooden walls add a sense of organic beauty to your living area and can last for many years.

  1. Geometry Texture Design for Wall Painting

Getting bored with the same old design and ideas for your walls? If you think plain painting is passe, then this one is perfect for you. Make your walls pop with geometric patterns! This living room wall has been transformed into a focal point with diagonal gold checks. It adds a modern twist to the space, and who wouldn’t want to spend hours in this living room?

Geometry Texture Design for Wall Painting

  1. 3D Texture Design for Wall Painting

Using distinctive 3D wall textures, your living space will seem endlessly alive. These three-dimensional wall treatments give flat surfaces more character, depth, and decorative elements. The neutral color scheme and the contemporary design aspect of vertical and horizontal lines give this living area a calming atmosphere. The richness of this three-dimensional wall is enhanced by wall art!

  1. Antique-Texture Design for Wall Painting

An antique copper or gold wall that almost looks like it is made of metal is another simple way to add a unique texture design to wall painting. It is easy to achieve and durable enough for exterior walls, but it looks sophisticated due to its details.

  1. Prints with stripes Texture Design for Wall Painting

If your upholstery and home décor are very stripy, you can utilize texture paint in your bedroom. There are stripes on everything: furnishings, bedding, and clothing. You can use several colors in this texture paint design for your bedroom wall to create a vibrant backdrop for your interior paint design. The problem with this bedroom wall texture is that it’s quite easy to get it incorrectly because it requires accuracy. For the greatest striped texture, it is crucial to work with a professional home painter.

  1. Glossy Finish Texture Design for Wall Painting

For those drawn to vibrant colours and expressive patterns that showcase their character, finding the perfect wall design for their living room is a top priority. One option that can enhance the overall energy of the space is using glossy paint, which adds a reflective sheen. This type of finish not only brightens up the room but also creates an illusion of spaciousness with its different textures. Additionally, if your living room has a focal wall, this can be the ideal spot to incorporate a shiny lacquered paint.

8. Patterned Roller Texture Design for Wall Painting

It is among the simplest ways to add texture without requiring any special knowledge, patience, or work. It is a subdued method to give the walls in the space some texture without making them overly cluttered or attention-grabbing. Any external or interior wall can be used for this simple and effective technique.

9. Ombre Effect Texture Design for Wall Painting

As an amazing bedroom wall painting design, you can also sequence dark to light, or from one colour to another. An ombre effect is a gradient effect of colors. Add a dash of this technique and it doesn’t take much effort. All you need is the right colours. People usually choose a colour and then add the ombre effect using white or the darkest tone of the same color.

10. Marble and Tiles Texture Design for Wall Painting

Don’t be surprised to find Marble and Tiles as a popular wall pattern in today’s trends. Contrary to common belief, these materials are not limited to just bathroom and kitchen flooring. Now, tiles are being used in innovative ways to create visually appealing textures for living room walls.

For those with a larger budget, marble tiles can also be utilized to achieve a striking wall texture that adds a distinct touch to the entire space. And for creative and art-loving homeowners, tiles can even be used to craft intricate mosaics on the walls.

11. Classic wall Texture Design for Wall Painting

If you want to add a minimal touch of texture to your space, opt for “Antico Classic” for a deep, soft glow. This type of design is usually found in bathrooms or bedrooms.

12. Linen Texture Design for Wall Painting

A modern or contemporary bedroom wall can be made to look stylish and elegant with the use of the weave paint technique. A satin base coat color and glaze are put to the wall in parts to create the appearance of linen weaving. Next, a wet glaze is brushed on in either a vertical or horizontal direction.

13. Uneven Texture Design for Wall Painting

The modern artist is the one who appreciates the uneven art, and “Archi-Ferro” will give your home an uneven yet mesmerizing touch. Make your study room, children’s bedroom or kitchen stand out with wall texture paint, white textures or wood textures. For a classic accessory look, combine flower wall textures with base colours with an artsy touch.

14. Metallic Glaze Texture Design for Wall Painting

Metallic glaze over slightly textured bedroom walls can help create a truly glamorous or dramatic look in your bedroom. This is a fail-proof way to add glamour to your bedroom walls. Apply metallic wall texture designs for bedroom on the focal wall, accentuating the same with a darker base paint over the remaining walls to get the best effect.

15. Block Texture Design for Wall Painting

While this may be a well-known fact among interior designers, it is not readily shared with the general public. It is worth considering that not every wall design must completely cover the entire space. ‘

The most effective textured wall painting designs for a living room often utilize open areas, utilizing materials such as wooden and multi-layered blocks to craft stunning patterns on the wall. A prime example of this would be hexagon-shaped blocks, which can create a striking honeycomb-like texture that will surely captivate any visitors.

16. Floral Texture Design for Wall Painting

Floral designs add a touch of beauty to any space. Many homeowners choose to use this textured wall paint in their bedrooms as it allows them to incorporate flowers into the room’s decor.

If you’re looking to add some floral touches to your bedroom, consider using stencils or stamps. Simply pick out a stencil or stamp that you like, select your desired paint colors, and begin creating. Alternatively, wallpapers are a convenient option for adding texture and floral patterns to your walls.

17. Italian touch Texture Design for Wall Painting

There is more to Italian culture than food; the mama-mia wall textures are waiting for you. Rivoletto, the premium wall painting design will make every eye turn to the textured walls of your living room and dining room.


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