Make a Splash: 10 Best Watercolor Painting Ideas

Watercolors are a simple but difficult medium to work with. Practicing various watercolor painting techniques can help you master it. Artists are generally seen as emotional and expressive, at least when it comes to their canvas. Painting is therapeutic, and even if you don’t consider yourself an expert, experimenting with watercolor can be exhilarating. As famous painter Bob Ross famously said, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” When it comes to learning a new technique, the best way to do it is to pick up the brush, dip it in the colors, and create magic on the canvas.

The art of watercolor painting has a much older origin than many think, with the oldest paintings dating back to the Paleolithic era in Europe. Watercolor painting became increasingly popular in the Middle Ages, used to illustrate decorative designs and small scenes in books and manuscripts. 

It was during the Renaissance that Watercolor painting really began to take center stage. Painters like Albrecht Dürer began to use watercolors in new ways such as informal drawings, sketches, and copies. Watercolor painting became a key part of aristocratic education and was widely used in England to document travels and adventures.

To fully appreciate the history of Watercolor painting, however, you must first imagine a world without Google search engines or photographs. Because really, today’s generation is artistically flawed. If you want to see the world’s greatest watercolors, a Charles Reid character painting or, JMW Turner seascape with just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, you can.

List of Watercolour Painting Ideas for Beginners

1. Flamingo Watercolor Painting Idea

A favorite subject of most painters: the majestic flamingo! Flamingo paintings are very cheerful and feminine. Plus, they’re a great way to bring those flat, dull walls to life. First draw the outline, slowly filling it with shades of white, pink, and red. 

However, if you are learning to draw, it may be helpful to focus only on the head. And if you have space, maybe add another one to fill your map with a little more color. I love how the coloring of their beaks can be so easily recreated with a marker and just one pencil. Just use a little extra pressure to create that darker tone near the head. Add a watercolor splash effect to the back for a mesmerizing result.

Watercolor Painting Ideas

2. Abstract Trees Watercolour Painting Idea

Abstract watercolor painting of trees is one of the best Watercolor painting ideas. From majestic oak to towering redwoods, a tree symbolizes power and can appeal to few things in nature. The background of this watercolor painting idea is beautiful – create a colorful transition using different shades. Add the silhouette of a tree and branches and finish by laying down splashes of colored paint.

Watercolor Painting Ideas

3. Flowers Watercolour Painting Idea

Paint brightly colored flowers using a wet technique for this watercolor painting idea. Don’t forget to add a contrasting, bright background for a special effect. Use brushes of different sizes for the flowers.

4. Rainbow Tree Watercolor Painting Idea 

Ditch the monotonous trees and try to make them rainbows! Use all the colors in your watercolor palette and add black for detail. Unleash your creativity with this one. 

5. Flying Egret Watercolor Painting Idea

This beautiful white bird with an orange beak is impressive but challenging. Try painting it in watercolor using soft tones of gray, white, and blue for the background. Of course, feel free to use a reference or temperate to create the bird.

6. Watercolor Tropical Leaves Painting Idea

Close your eyes, breathe deeply. Imagine you are on a private island. The wind blows through your hair, the white sand tickles your toes, and your day’s agenda is all about naps in the hammock and sipping fruity cocktails with palm trees gently swaying in the background. 

Since you can’t always be transported to a tropical island, why not bring you paradise? Tropical leaves are the perfect way to turn your home into an island oasis and there are so many ways to do it! rubber fig trees, ferns, and areca palms are the perfect houseplants. Layering watercolors can create great textures that look like they were made by skilled painters! Try it yourself by layering several watercolors on top of each other. Remember to let one coat dry before painting the next.


7. Watercolor Beach Scene Painting Idea

Whether you’re looking to complete a room with canvas beach wall art or want to go for a beach, theme in your home, you’ll be happy to know that turning your vision into reality shouldn’t be too thankless. There is an abundance of coastal wall decor ideas out there, so whatever you have in mind, you should be able to find something to suit you. The good news is that you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beach decorating ideas. A unique sea painting with long-stemmed plants painted in a black silhouette. Add bright sun and its reflection on blue water. Use a wet-on-wet technique for the watery effect. 

8. Watercolor Mountain Painting 

Instead of climbing mountains, how about painting them. Use soft tints and shades to create this mountain landscape canvas painting. Remember to use a layering technique to create the effect of the mountains on the back.


9. Night Sky Watercolor Painting 

Create a watercolor night sky canvas painting using shades of blue and black. Add white stars and black trees to make the painting stand out. Try different effects to create the background.


10. Portrait Watercolor Painting 

It’s no coincidence that portrait drawing is part of virtually every art degree and there are more books, videos, and articles on the subject than you can count. Everyone loves a good portrait. We like to draw them, look at them, and wonder about the person they contain. You can change the angle of his head, hair, clothes, hair, create your own lighting situation, and even a specific facial expression. There are a large number of different expressions, and therefore feelings, that we can convey with our lips alone. It’s truly amazing how even the slightest tweak can completely change the feel of the design.

Painting portraits is a challenge. Opt for this abstract canvas portrait with dreamy blue eyes. Pick a fun background to blend it into. You can replace the image with a boy or girl face if you want to experiment more.

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