15+ Creative Class room Decoration Ideas to Inspire Learning

This roundup of class room decoration and theme ideas is sure to inspire you. Do you enjoy decorating your classroom in new ways every year? Do you prefer to find something you love so you can save some time each fall?

Organizing your classroom, There are several decorating tips that will make teaching much easier for both seasoned and novice educators, whether you love it or hate it! Are you interested in experimenting in the classroom? Here is a list of ideas for class room decoration images.

Everybody has been there: wondering where to even begin while standing in an empty classroom and gazing at the cement walls. See some of our best decorating tips for educators by scrolling down.

Class Room Decoration Ideas

Really, it should go without saying, but a lot of teachers fail to consider the importance of the classroom door in creating a good first impression on both students and parents. Make sure it says “Welcome” above all things, as some of the examples below demonstrate, and give each student individual and group recognition.

1. Create Welcoming Environment 

Prioritize natural light and ventilation by rearranging the space, avoiding window showcases, removing heavy drapes, ensuring windows can open, and adding fans if possible. Incorporating plants not only adds vitality but also engages students in maintaining their learning environment and serves as visual aids for lessons on plant life cycles.

  1. Dream Up Interactive Displays 

Classroom displays can showcase student work and behaviour positively. For example, a ‘noise level chart’ indicates acceptable noise levels, while another popular display includes date, weather updates, and announcements. Displays can also reinforce positive behaviour; one idea involves a paper rainbow where student photos move based on behaviour, akin to a King’s court or dungeon for exceptional or needing improvement, respectively.

  1. Design Suitable Storage & Labelling

In classrooms, maintaining equipment and encouraging student responsibility can be a challenge. Creative storage solutions like colourful tubs and upcycled cereal box in-trays help keep things organized.

Involving students in organization makes tidy-up easier, while easily accessible supplies aid in activity changes. Creative labelling methods, like Circuit vinyl lettering, save time and effort. Personalized labels, from inspirational quotes to designated markers, add flair to the classroom.

  1. Colourful Bulletin Boards Class Room Decoration

For your classroom bulletin boards, use bright and contrasting colours to draw attention. Additionally, ask your students to display their artwork, achievements, and educational materials.


  1. Interactive Word Walls Class Room Decoration

Once students have created a word wall with frequently used words, categorized by topics, you can add interactive elements like movable word cards.

  1. Classroom decorations with an owl theme

This DIY reading nook is perfect for an owl class room decoration theme. You can also make paper lantern owls to hang from the ceiling.

  1. Doors with decorations

In order to keep young minds engaged and invigorated, choose a theme for your class room decoration, such as nature, space, or a favourite book, and decorate your classroom door accordingly. Have your students make cards and posters related to the theme, and create a themed door. Change themes weekly or monthly.

  1. Nature Theme Class Room Decoration

Terracotta hues, potted plants, and artwork with a natural theme can turn your classroom into a calm garden haven. Consider incorporating a sensory nature nook or a miniature indoor garden, and use natural materials for furniture and accent pieces. These few adjustments will make a big difference in your classroom’s curiosity and peaceful learning environment. A sense of freshness can be added all year long by filling sunny windows with a large number of houseplants.

  1. Sunshine Class Room Decoration

Whether your classroom has windows or not, you’ll feel like you’re in a summer camp every day with this incredibly cheerful style.

  1. Cosy Reading Corner Class Room Decoration

You can also set up a comfortable reading nook with bean bags, cushions, and soft lighting. You can display fiction and non-fiction books, poetry books, and magazines on current affairs.

  1. Camping Theme Class Room Decoration

Make an amazing camping classroom with a small tent, which doubles as a reading nook or a calm-down corner.

  1. Farmhouse Class Room Decoration

If you’re looking for something a little more grown up, opt for farmhouse decor instead of barnyard themes.

  1. Educational Posters

Additionally, you can use posters that explain concepts visually and engagingly. Make sure they have bright colors and large, easy-to-read fonts.

  1. Rainbow Class Room Decoration

Transform your classroom into a vibrant rainbow paradise! Hang ribbons or streamers for a rainbow canopy effect and use colorful fabric panels for cheerful windows and doors. Add rainbow-themed bunting, decals, and posters for colourful accents.

Create a cosy reading nook with rainbow-colored cushions or bean bags. Furnish seating areas with rainbow-colored couches, mats, and rugs. Display student artwork with rainbow themes to celebrate creativity. Your rainbow classroom will be a joyful learning space with these ideas!Top of Form

  1. Classroom Rules Posters and Wall Hangings

The presentation of class rules and expectations using graphics and illustrations will make students understand the importance of discipline and organization in real life.

  1. DIY Classroom Tree Decoration

You can also draw or paint a tree on the class room wall decoration ideas where students can hang their pictures. On this tree, they can attach pictures of their pets, friends, accomplishments, etc. Encourage students to change the pictures regularly so the tree stays vibrant.


  1. Times Table Wall Class Room Decoration

Visual aids are essential in math education. A large times table chart covering a wall simplifies complex ideas visually. Add interactive elements like detachable numbers for student engagement. Consider a mural with times table illustrations for a captivating learning experience.

18. Colorful Ceiling Decor

Bright ceiling decorations add vibrancy to classrooms. Hang paper lanterns in various sizes and colours for depth. Opt for whimsical ribbon cascades or fabric streamers. Consider lightweight materials like cloth or tissue paper for a mural depicting curriculum scenes or inspirational themes.

19. play class room decoration
Use whimsical classroom décor to create a warm and engaging space for young students. Add eye-catching, interactive components that promote investigation and learning.

Encourage curiosity and creativity in the classroom by implementing creative wall displays and themed areas. Everyone’s learning experience is made lively by these entertaining and educational decorations!

Add elegance with hanging mobiles or DIY paper chandeliers. These decorations stimulate creativity and enhance the classroom environment.

It may seem like a lot of work for little reward, but it’s actually an opportunity to share your educational vision with your students, and learn more about their interests and learning goals.

  1. Ask for Student Input

Using student work to decorate your bare walls is an old teacher trick, but you can go a step further by asking your students for ideas, for example, by distributing a survey or holding a classroom meeting. These tips are especially effective with older students at the high school level.

  1. Change Decorations Throughout the Year

Adapt your classroom decoration to the inclusive spirit of the season or the theme of the quarter.

  1. Establish Safe Spaces to Assist Students’ Needs

It might be challenging for teachers to fulfil the needs of every student, but you can design a space in your classroom that accommodates and supports a diversity of learning styles.

Consequently, you should give these top-notch concepts for class room decoration a go. Check out these enjoyable activities for school-age children during coronavirus school closures if you have children at home. Make sure to include youngsters in these fun do-it-yourself science activities. This compilation of themed lesson plans and inspiration is hopefully useful to you.

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