Lighting ideas for homes big and small: Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

Why is lighting important for your home? Mainly because getting the lights wrong can create an uncomfortable environment and also cause strain to the eyes. But making sure the atmosphere is right can become a tricky business. Here are some beautiful lighting ideas for your home , kitchen and bathroom etc.

Lighting varies from one room to the other. For instance, cool lighting may suit some spaces more compared to warm lighting. Along with aesthetics, keep the functions in mind when deciding on the right lights for rooms.

Types of lighting

lighting ideas are of different types i.e. Primary and secondary lighting.

Primary lighting

Primary lighting involves main fixtures. These are the ones planned out during the interior designers and decoration process. It doesn’t have to be switched on all the time but it defines the basic needs and mood of a certain room. 

Secondary lighting

Includes accent lighting such as lampshades. It also includes focus lighting such as desk lamps or other flexible and portable light options.

Whether you have a new house to light up or want to revamp the lighting that’s already there, lighting ideas can go a long way. To make things easier, let’s have a look at it room by room. 

1. Kitchen

Want your kitchen to look flawless? Well, work your magic by combining primary, accent, and task lighting. Get a rotatory spotlight to move around as you work in various areas within the space. It’ll also help avoid any shadows that fixed overhead lighting might cause.

For ambient lighting, LED strips are the best because of their flexibility. You could install them below the cabinets or even underneath the countertops. Remember not to go overboard with ambient lighting though, as tempting as it might appear!

2. Bedroom

What good is a bedroom decoration design if you can’t sleep peacefully there? The lighting you choose will also affect the quality of rest.

But even for your bedroom, having a combo of different types of lighting ideas will work out the best for you. 

  • It’s best to have warm lighting for fixed or primary lighting. Also, keep the number of lights minimal, covering every corner of the bedroom. You can always add extra lights for comfort or functional purposes.
  • Some people have small workspaces or reading corners in their bedrooms. If that’s the case with you too, it’s best to have some task lighting to get the intensity and mood right. Consider getting focus lights such as small desk lamps. 
  • Use accent lighting such as tiny lampshades over artworks to illuminate them properly. Alternatively, you can get clip-on spotlights or put LED strips along the borders of the walls touching the floor.

So you can play around with the above according to your mood and requirement. Avoid opting for cool lighting, as it’s strainful and also disrupts sleep.

3. Bathroom

Just like the bedroom decor design, your bathroom should have sufficient lighting. Although you may not need desk lamps there, getting horizontal lighting would fill up the room with light in all directions.

If your bathroom has a natural lighting source, make the most out of it by filling up the room with mirrors for reflection. Avoid getting light that’s directly overhead because of strong shadows.

For focus lighting, you could add vanity light bulbs around the mirror for a look that’s both illuminated and glamorous. interior designers for home will design awesome bathroom for you.

4. Workspace

When it comes to your workspace, here is another lighting ideas called task lighting should be on the top of your list. There should be some overhead lighting along with accent lighting from either side. That way, the area would be illuminated fully and you would have no problem with focusing on work due to overcast shadows. For desk lamps, adjust the height to make it up to your shoulder, more or less than that may cause shadows or improper lighting.

5. Entrance

The entrance in one area in your home  decor design where you don’t need to add too much lighting. It all depends on your taste and the mood you want to create. For instance, you could add a lantern with a bulb for a traditional outlook. On the other hand, even fairy lights could work although they may not last that long. 

And if you want fixed lighting, get two of them installed on either side of the entrance door. If you opt for smart lighting options, they would provide you full control over intensity and temperature. interior designers for home will design beautiful entrance for your home.


All in all, the number and the type of lighting you choose would vary from one room to another. Keep the lighting minimum at the entrance as it may go overboard. interior designers will help you to design your home more beautiful. For the spaces inside your home, it all depends on the tasks. Whatever the area may be, balancing primary and secondary lights is key to making lighting ideas work like a charm!

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