Canvas art ideas: 15 DIY tips for your home decor

Do you have a knack for paintings but find it hard to paint? Perhaps you’re fond of canvas art but don’t know how to pick the best artworks to decorate your room. Buying art for your home decor can get expensive, so you can try out quick canvas art ideas.

For canvas art ideas, you could create artworks of your own or buy flexible designs that work in every setting. In the case of buying canvas paintings, choosing colors and textures that can blend well with any space is the best choice.

Let’s get started with these awesome 15 canvas art home decor ideas that suit every type of room.

1. Washi tape on canvas

Washi tapes are fun to use because of the various patterns and colors available. You could also make things more interesting by sticking the tape randomly and not adhering to patterns such as criss-cross grids etc.

2. Pour painting canvas

Pour paintings are new and trending in the world of art. You can get paints premixed in a pouring medium, all ready to flow onto the top of a canvas. You could also buy the medium and acrylic paint separately. Use multiple colors to create a brilliant and spontaneous pattern on your canvas.

3. Cut art 

Why not make a stencil out of your canvas? Get a photocopy or printout of your favorite pattern and transfer the design onto the canvas by holding and pressing the pencil against a sheet of carbon paper between the design and the surface. Next, just grab some scissors and cut out the pattern. If you find it easier, you could use a knife and paper cutter too.

4. Tape and paint

The tape and paint canvas art idea is like a variation to the washi tape. Get some masking, painter’s, or electric tape and cover your canvas with it. Then using a big brush, paint over the surface using acrylic paint. The covered areas will be blank, depicting the plain white design of the canvas.

5. Colorful watercolor collage

Using watercolor paint directly on canvas is difficult. However, you can buy some cheap cellulose watercolor paper and use the wet-into-wet technique to create flowing textures. Cut out random shapes from the paintings and bring them together to stick onto the canvas with super glue. By the end of it all, you will have your very own mosaic canvas painting!

6. Magazine canvas art

Got a lot of magazines to spare or recycle? Instead of throwing them away, why not cut out strips and pieces of different shapes? It’s the same idea as that of the watercolor one, except that you already got the color and texture and wouldn’t have to invest in paint and paper!

7. Abstract or marble-effect art

When it comes to modern art and home decor, you cannot ignore the abstract painting. Such canvas paintings fit well into any contemporary space. If you’re not fond of objects or subjects in art but would love to have a fusion of colors around for your walls. Works best if you have walls with neutral colors like white, black, gray, or brown as they could appear dull and boring.

8. Glow-in-the-dark canvas art

Glow-in-the-dark paints are readily available in art and stationery stores. The time and intensity of the glow would vary from one brand to another.

9. Set of canvas paintings

Buy a set or collection of two to three canvas paintings. With such a set, you are likely to get artworks having the same design but with different colors. It’s a great fit for long vertical art displays and an excellent choice for rooms that lack a pop of color.

10. Stick flowers on the canvas

Whether you’re a fan of fresh flowers or pressed ones, the floral decoration can bring any space to life. Use transparent tape as it would look neat and clean. You could also use super glue for an even tidier look.

11. Black and white canvas art patterns

Black-and-white never falls out of the trends. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, or any other pattern – BnW style art would tone down a room full of color in a modern way.

12. Canvas art using lace doilies

Pick some random lace doilies to create see-through dazzling patterns. Paint the canvas first and then stick them on the top so a bit of color can pop out from beneath.

13. Spray paint plant art

Pick some leaves or branches. Place them against the surface of the canvas and use spray paint over it. Spray cans are available in many colors and finishes, even metallic!

14. Landscape or nature art

Every room can benefit from a bit of nature. Landscape art can relax anyone, in any space. Try adding a countryside view for canvas art or you could make an abstract scene yourself!

15. Minimalist canvas art

Minimalist art makes a great fit for anyone. Think of paintings made only using line work – you can do it easily yourselves!


The above 15 canvas art ideas work whether you want to buy art or create your own for home decor! Play around with colors and textures – have fun!

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