7 Best Designer Ceiling Fans In India

Hey there! I guess you are searching for the best designer ceiling fans in India. Aren’t you?! If yes, well, you have arrived at the right spot! Designer ceiling fans are the best choice for an airy and appealing living space! In this article, we will see the best seven designer ceiling fans in India that are functional and best-suiting for the interiors as well!

Designer Ceiling Fans In India

1. Decorative Ceiling Fans

Decorative ceiling fans are the best designer ceiling fans in India that combine functionality with aesthetics, turning a normal appliance into an integral part of interior design. These fans mostly are made up of unique designs, vibrant colors, and eye-catching bow designs to give an attractive look.

You can choose a wide range of designs from traditional to contemporary designs, to suit your individual tastes and preferences. So why not choose decorative designer ceiling fans for your interiors?!


  • Crompton Aura Decorative Ceiling Fan
  • Havells Nicola Decorative Fan
  • Usha Striker Galaxy Decorative Fan
  • Bajaj Maxima Decorative Fan
  • Orient Electric Orina Decorative Fan

2. BLDC Ceiling Fans

If you are looking for advanced designer ceiling fans in India, then I would recommend the BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) ceiling fans. These fans are known for their energy efficiency and quiet operation that doesn’t cause any disturbance in the room.

They utilize advanced motor technology so that these fans consume much less energy compared to other traditional fans. Moreover, they are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and a great alternative to other fans. The best part about these fans is that they maintain consistent performance even at low voltages. So, it is a wonderful designer fan and the best-performing device!


  • Atomberg Efficio BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Premium Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Energion HS BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • Superfan Super X1 Pink BLDC Ceiling Fan
  • Jupiter Quadcopter BLDC Ceiling Fan

3. Smart Ceiling Fans

How about a ceiling fan that can be controlled with your smartphone? Seems useful right?! Well, these are the smart ceiling fans that can be easily integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, in order to be controlled by a smartphone. Moreover, you can also use voice commands or a dedicated remote to control the speed of these fans.

They can adjust the fan directions and can control temperature and humidity, leading to a comfy sleep! They are perfect for tech-savvy individuals who prioritize ease of use and getting their work done on their home devices.


  • Crompton Silent Pro Blossom Smart Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Ceiling Fan
  • Atomberg Renesa Smart+ Ceiling Fan
  • Havells Festiva Prime Smart Ceiling Fan
  • ACTIVA Premium Series Lotus Wood Smart Ceiling Fan

4. Ceiling Fans with Underlights

Here is a suggestion to beautify your living room. How about the ceiling fans with underlights that serve the dual purpose of ventilation and lighting as well? Awesome right? Well, these fans come with built-in lights, especially LED, that can be controlled without changing the speed of the fan blade. That is one of the latest lighting trends in India to have ambient lighting!

They are one of the best designer ceiling fans in India, where you don’t need to go for separate fixtures of ceiling fans and lights. The downlights on these fans can adjust the intensity of color, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. What more is needed for a designer ceiling fan?!


  • Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan with Underlights
  • Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan with Underlights
  • Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan with Underlights
  • Orient Electric Spectra Ceiling Fan with Underlights
  • Luminous Lumaire LED Ceiling Fan with Underlights

5. Luxury Ceiling Fans

I’m sure most of us would prefer to have a luxury designer ceiling fan to enhance the look of our living space. Right? In that case, the luxury designer fans are the right choice. These fans often feature high-quality materials, unique craftsmanship, and innovative technology in order to bring in the luxuriousness.

In the luxury ceiling fans, there are several designs ranging from minimal to grand designed fans. So you can choose to have any one of them you wish to have for your living space. These fans not only cool the spaces effectively but also act as unique pieces that reflect the taste of the homeowner!


  • Luxaire Luxury Ceiling Fan
  • Magnific Designer Ceiling Fan
  • Havells Stealth Wood Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aeroquiet Luxury Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Avancer Prime Antidust Luxury Ceiling Fan

6. Wood Finish Ceiling Fans

I’m sure you must have not seen a designer ceiling fan that has wooden finishes. These wood finish ceiling fans are some of the best designer ceiling fans in India that bring some nature and warmth to the interiors. These fans exactly look like natural wood due to the high-quality wood-like materials, creating a sleeky look.

Just because these fans are made of wood, they can suit various interiors from traditional to modern, thereby adding a unique and attractive look to any room. Wood finish fans are available in a variety of woods, from light oak to dark walnut, in order to match the wooden walls and floors!


  • Havells Stealth Wood Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Aeroquiet Wood Finish Ceiling Fan
  • Usha Hunter Bayport Wooden Ceiling Fan
  • Luminous New York Brooklyn Wood Finish Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Vega Wood Finish Ceiling Fan

7. Energy-Saving Ceiling Fans

Want to have one of the best modern designer ceiling fans in India for your house? Try out the energy-efficient ceiling fans. These energy-efficient ceiling fans are designed to provide fresh air at the same to reduce electricity consumption as well. These fans are equipped with features such as aerodynamic blades and energy-efficient motors that reduce power consumption without compromising the performance of the fans.

If you are a person who is more concerned about your electricity bills, then why not choose these energy-efficient designer ceiling fans in India?!. With increasing emphasis on sustainability, energy-saving fans are becoming increasingly popular in India, offering a responsible way to stay cool!


  • Atomberg Renesa+ Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Havells Efficiencia Neo Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Superfan Super V1 Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Orient Electric Ecotech Plus Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Crompton Energion HS Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

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