7 Best Terrace Tiles Design Ideas

Hey there! You just googled for the best terrace tiles design. Didn’t you?! If yes, congrats, you have come to the right page! This article talks about the best terrace tiles design that you can use for your balcony to make it the best place for relaxation, entertainment, or whatever you wish for! Keep reading the article further and get to know about these terrace tile designs!

Terrace Tiles Design: Top 7 Picks

1. Marble Terrace Tiles Design

Marble-made terrace tiles design is the best way to bring a feel of luxuriousness to your terrace or balcony. So if you own a modern house, the marble complements your exterior design. Marble is naturally cool, providing a comfortable place to walk even in hot climates.

However, marble is porous and can stain, so it needs regular sealing and maintenance. Its stylish appearance makes it popular with those who want to add beauty to their outdoor spaces.

  • Classic White: Use pure white marble to create a clean and detailed feel on your terrace.
  • Vein-patterned Marble: Choose marble tile designs that have veins for a luxury touch to your terrace.
  • Checkerboard Chic: Black and white marble tiles options for a classic look.
  • Marble Medley: Mix different marbles for unique terrace shapes.
  • Etched marble: Choose plain, etched marble for protection and style.
  • Blue marble: Add blue marble for a cool, serene terrace atmosphere.

2. Wood-like Terrace Tiles Design

The wood-like tiles are a good terrace tiles design that gives a beautiful appearance and requires less maintenance. These wood-like tiles are manufactured to give the real feel of wood. It is one of the ways by which you can enhance the luxuriousness of your house!

Unlike natural wood, it is ideal for terraces as it resists moisture and damage. The tiles can be customized with various colors and patterns to make the terrace look attractive. They are also an eco-friendly terrace tiles design, as cutting down trees is avoided.

  • Plank patterns: You can exactly imitate the look of natural wood with this plank pattern and create a stylish feel on the terrace.
  • Interlocking Wood: Choose interlocking wood-like tiles that look to make maintenance easier.
  • Herringbone Layout: Place the tiles in a herringbone pattern for a unique terrace design.
  • Spacious panels: Choose wide, wood-like panels to create the feel of a spacious ceiling.

3. Moroccan Terrace Tiles Design

If you wish to have a unique terrace tiles design with unique patterns, then the Moroccan tiles are the right choice. These tiles are known for their vibrant colors and patterns, especially with geometric floral patterns. These patterns can transform your terrace or balcony into a visually stunning space that would be apt for entertainment!

These tiles are usually handcrafted, which gives a beautiful and unique look. Moroccan wood can also be a bit expensive due to the craftsmanship involved. But, you will get the best-looking terrace when you go for Moroccan tiles!

  • Colorful patterns: Brighten up your patio with colorful Moroccan wood patterns.
  • Mediterranean blues: Use shades of blue and white for a Mediterranean feel.
  • Patchwork Design: Create a patchwork effect with different Moroccan tiles.
  • Floral Accents: Add floral designs to create a garden-like feel on your terrace.
  • Monochrome Moroccan: Choose a black and white pattern for a modern twist.

4. Terrazzo Terrace Tiles Design

Terrazzo tiles are a wonder material made of marble, quartz, granite, or polished glass with cement or epoxy fragments. I’m sure most of us must have seen this tile that were prominent 10 years ago. These tiles create a feel of modernity and timelessness through their beautiful patterns.

These Terrazzo tiles are durable and easy to maintain, making them suitable for modern terrace areas. Moreover, it’s also versatile and can be with a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose your desired Terrazzo patterned tile that you feel will suit the terrace.

  • Classic chips: Use traditional terrazzo with marble chips for a timeless look.
  • Colorful Terrazzo: Brighten up the space with terrazzo tiles with colorful chips.
  • Large format: Install large terrazzo tiles for a modern feel.
  • Geometric shapes: Use terrazzo tiles in geometric shapes for a unique layout.
  • Custom Designs: Create custom terrazzo designs for your own touch.

5. Vitrified Terrace Tiles Design

Vitrified tiles are those that are made by adding clay to elements such as silica, and then burnt at high temperatures. This process creates a porous glass finish, which keeps the tiles both stain and scratch resistant! They are an excellent choice for terraces because they are more durable than the other tiles.

These tiles come in a variety of designs, including those that look like natural stone or wood. You can choose the terrace tiles design that are apt for your outdoor space.

  • Colored tiles: Use multi-colored vitrified tiles on the attractive terrace.
  • Stone look: Choose glazed wood that looks like natural stone for an elegant look.
  • Glossy Finishes: Reflect light and space with shiny vitrified tiles.
  • Matte surfaces: Choose matte vitrified tiles for non-slip surfaces.
  • Metal Accents: Try the terrace tiles design with metal accents for a modern touch.


6. Porcelain Terrace Tiles Design

Porcelain tiles are one of the best durable tiles that are suitable for outdoor use, especially for the terraces. They are being made from refined clay and fired at high temperatures. This creates a durable tile that is resistant to water, snow and damage.

Porcelain tile comes in a wide range of designs from a variety of colors dense to natural stone or wood shapes. They require little maintenance and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making them a practical choice for any patio.

  • Mimicking stone: Choose porcelain tiles that naturally look like stone.
  • Concrete Look: Choose porcelain tiles with a concrete look for an industrial vibe.
  • Large panels: Install large panel porcelain tiles on contemporary terraces.
  • Textured surface: Choose textured porcelain tiles for an appealing look on the terrace floor.
  • Bright colors: Brighten up your terrace with solid-colored porcelain tiles.

7. Natural Stone Terrace Tiles Design

If you wish to provide an organic look for your terrace, then the natural stone tiles like slate, granite, or sandstone are the right choice. These tiles are unique with their natural variations in color and texture. Moreover, they are also durable and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Natural stone is also naturally resistant to erosion, making it a safe choice for outdoor spaces. This could be the best terrace tiles design for people who wish to have a traditional look to their terraces.

  • Slate tiles: Use slate for terrace flooring that is durable and resistant to slipping.
  • Warm Sandstone: Choose a sandstone tile to create an inviting warmth.
  • Beautiful limestone: Choose limestone for a dramatic terrace structure.
  • Granite Durability: Install granite tiles for a durable and better-looking terrace.

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