Top 6 Tips For A Successful Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is more than just a beautiful backsplash and bunch of cabinets — it is where you gather, cook, entertain, and make memories lasting a lifetime. lets share pro tips related to kitchen design with you.

That explains why kitchen renovations are so popular, and also very heavy on the pocket. Not to forget the noise and dust that accompany the project.

But if you keep your eyes on the prize, every bit of it is going to be worth it! 

To make the most of your kitchen’s remodeling and ensure you get a good return on investment, it’s helpful to educate yourself beforehand. In that regard, here are the top 6 tips to follow — read right through to learn everything you should know before remodeling that kitchen!

  1. Brainstorm, Plan, Envision

As much as you want your kitchen design or renovation project to start (and finish) at the earliest, it’s essential to give yourself enough time for planning beforehand. This will save you from unnecessary headaches down the lane and help you stay within budget.

Here are a bunch of things you should focus on during the planning process:

  • The size of your kitchen — Make a quick sketch of your kitchen, including measurements of major parts. This should be the first step on your list.
  • Accessible storage — Ensure your kitchen plan has plenty of storage options, with drawers and countertops having practical positions.
  • Plan ahead of time — Start early enough to handle any delays and set up an emergency fund (with at least 10% of the original investment planned) in case things go out of budget.
  1. Hire A Suitable Contractor And Designer On Time

Contractors and designers often have busy schedules, so finalizing contracts with your desired ones on time is a tip you should remember.

Research the options available in the market. Be sure to thoroughly learn about four to five contractors and designers before you decide. 

Here are a handful of factors to consider before you shortlist your final option:

  • Past work and customer reviews
  • Status (preferably licensed)
  • Distance from your home
  • The experience they have
  1. Prioritize Functionality

Kitchens are arguably one of the most functional rooms of the house, so it’s only fair to keep functionality on the top of your list priority-wise. Besides, it’s not practical to opt for visual aesthetics at the expense of efficiency. 

During kitchen design make sure to choose counters that are not only stylish but also spacious and sturdy. Your backsplash should be stunning, but also easy to care for and clean if it gets stained. In addition to ambient lighting, install under-cabinet lights to illuminate working areas. 

  1. Be Realistic With Appliances

When choosing appliances, keep your focus on two factors:

  1. They should enhance the overall look of your kitchen. 
  2. They should meet your practical needs.

Also, be sure to pick realistic and accessible positions for your appliances while keeping the position of switchboards in mind. You may also want to create small stations, such as a DIY coffee bar, where the appliance the everything related is kept in one spot.

  1. Save Money Where You Can

If you’re a DIY person who enjoys doing projects around the home design and have some time to invest, you can do a part of the remodeling yourself and save bucks!

For example, you can reface and paint your cabinets, refinish hardwood floors that are already in good condition, or perhaps stick wallpaper to walls yourself. For installation purposes, you can ask friends and family for help.

However, be sure to seek professional help for electrical and plumbing needs.

  1. Prepare For The Peak Of Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning to survive merely on “go food”, like pretzels and fruits, as your kitchen gets renovated is sort of impractical. This is true considering the fact that a kitchen remodeling needs at least 12 weeks, which means almost 3 months without a real kitchen!

Dining out is an option, but too much of it can add to your total costs and get expensive. This makes it important to have a good backup plan in place.

Before you start kitchen design, set up a faux kitchen in some other part of your house. You can even do some meal prep beforehand for the renovation period. If the need arises, you can consider booking a hotel for the peak of the kitchen remodeling period.

You’re Ready To Renovate!

On that note, our top 6 tips for a successful kitchen renovation and kitchen design come to a wrap — and you are now ready for that remodel. Keep the small details in mind, work around a realistic budget, and plan thoroughly!

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