6 Versatile Bathroom Accessories That Double As Decor

Bath Room Design ideas are undeniably one of the most functional rooms in homes, so it’s natural for them to come at the end of the list when it comes to Home Décor Ideas. But setting them up beautifully is only fair — after all, they serve many purposes.

Beyond furnishing your Bath Room Design with absolute necessities, such as a toilet and tub, you will discover a range of bathroom accessories. 

How about picking specific accessories that not only serve the purpose but also double as decor? In other words, accessories are essential for both hygiene and happiness. Smart investment is what we call it!

Read on to discover our 6 best picks in this regard that will help you fulfill your needs while complementing the bathroom’s overall Design Inspiration.


You can decorate your modern interior design bathroom in tons of ways using the mere essential: towels.

To start off, you can purchase new towels that align with the overall color theme of your bathroom. You can also simply utilize the ones you already own.

Hang them on a ladder towel rack, fold them in Decorating Ideas to place in wall-mounted baskets, or tuck them into the top of an empty planter/vase. You can also create a towel basket and perhaps toss in some shampoos and body washes to welcome guests or adorn one portion of a tiered tray with smaller-sized hand towels. 

Let the creative juices flow, and watch this necessity adorn for your bath room design!

Soap Dishes

Soap dishes, another essential that every bathroom owns, can efficiently double as stunning decor. 

Just by delving a little deeper during shopping, you can land gorgeous pieces. These include dishes of different sizes (such as that of a leaf or heart) and even minimalist ones that complement the color theme. 

Extra points if you fix in a matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder!


Skincare Products

There are numerous skincare products that not only work wonders but also look cute enough to adorn your house interior and bath room design. This includes a line of products that have different bodies for each product but similar colors and overall appearances.

Once you find the products that suit your skin type and look aesthetically pleasing, don’t hesitate to purchase an extra of each to place as Home Décor Ideas on your bathroom countertop! 

Bath Mats

Step up the game of your conventional bath mat by introducing some innovation. 

In that regard, bamboo bath mats are an ideal way to add a touch of nature to your room. They keep everything nice and natural while adding to the aesthetics. What’s more, bamboo is known to be tough and durable, meaning you won’t need to replace it often. 

Besides, nothing matches stepping out of the shower straight onto this beautiful bath mat. Unlike its traditional counterparts, it doesn’t absorb water, which means no worries of mold growth either. A win-win situation it is!


Next bath room design idea is to add some nature. Speaking of incorporating nature, nothing does the job like plants. They improve air quality and add a much-needed punch of color. Plus, bathrooms have high humidity levels and warm temperatures — perfect for supporting their growth.

A Golden Pothos, ornamental Calathea Ornata, or the easy-to-care Snake Plant; there are plenty of options to choose from as a bathroom accessory doubling as decor.

Scented Candles

The last contender for our list of bathroom accessories doubles as double decor — acting as a treat for both the sight and smell.

The view of a burning candle is slow, silent, and absolutely lovely to look at. Its ambient light creates a calm atmosphere, and the range of carved candles adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom space.

The best scents for bathrooms are light and refreshing, such as lavender (a personal favorite), mint, and vanilla. Because fragrance plays a pivotal role in uplifting moods and neutralizing bad odors, you’re sure to have an incredible (read relaxing) experience on your next trip to the bathroom!

Final Words

Bath room design accessories don’t have to be only functional. Be creative and put a little thought into your next shopping round, and you’ll find a range of different accessories that double as decor — doing their job and enhancing the ambiance!

In that regard, the top 6 versatile bathroom accessories listed in this article are a great place to start. Incorporate each one by one and watch your bathroom transform into a completely different space — one you enjoy visiting.

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