How To Make A Tiny Apartment Feel Like A Spacious Home

Compact city apartments have a charm of their own — they’re easier to clean, cheaper to decorate, and give a warm, cozy vibe when done right. Continue reading this article to get interior design ideas for a small house.

However, they also come with their fair share of challenges. Fitting everything into a tiny space can get overwhelming, creating clutter and making you feel claustrophobic.

But the good news is — you can now live large even in a tiny apartment! The key is using tactics that trick the eye into perceiving more space, hence visually expanding your small apartment.

What exactly are these tips and tricks, and how can you utilize them for your apartment? Let’s find out!

Clear The Clutter

Nothing makes a space feel more congested than clutter. Too many things placed here and there not only make the area look messy but also create an impression of reduced space.

And so, the first step towards a bigger-looking apartment is going on a declutter drill. Walk around your indoor space with a wastebasket in hand and pick out everything you don’t need. 

After getting rid of unneeded items (be sure to consider donating the ones in good condition), pick up things that you still need but could be tucked away. Place them in concealed storage cabinets — more on that below!

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

Versatile furniture pieces serve their primary purpose, add to the aesthetic beauty of the space, and provide sneaky storage opportunities. This means you can keep your items tucked away but also close to reach.

A sliding mirror with a hidden compartment, cavernous bins under your coffee table, and a bed with bookshelves in the headboard and drawers underneath — there are plenty of options to choose interior design ideas for a small house!

Be Picky About The Paint

The colors of your walls make a huge difference to how roomy your space looks.

Use bright whites or monochromatic off-whites, greys, and pale yellows. These efficiently reflect (bounce off) light, making the walls seem as if they’re receding. The overall impression created makes the apartment feel spacious.

On the other hand, dark colors do not have effective reflecting properties, hence making the space appear smaller than it actually is.

Evidently, reflected light makes a huge difference, exactly our next point below.

Use Mirrors Wherever You Can

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which item has the most light-reflecting properties of them all? 

The mirror itself, duh!

Mirrors do a lot of the work for you when it comes to visually expanding a space. They create a more open, airy feeling while enhancing the overall ambiance of your apartment.

Attach a massive framed mirror to suitable walls, especially dark ones which do not receive much light. This creates the illusion of more footage. You can also use mirrored drawers and cabinets to serve the purpose. This interior design ideas for a small house will give your space an amazing look.


Choose Large Pieces Of Decor

Whether it’s framed artwork hanging from the wall or the decorative pieces on your tabletop, it’s always a good idea to opt for larger pieces when it comes to small apartments.

In fact, mounting large artworks are very impactful, making walls appear bigger than they actually are. If you want to stick to some old smaller pieces you own, be sure to scatter them around the house instead of using them all on one wall.

Additionally, use a big ginger jar in place of multiple small ones, and allow a single, large vase to make its statement on its own in the corner of your room. In short — go big where you can!

Focus On Furniture Pieces

In addition to using dual-purpose furniture, you should also be careful about where you place it. 

Move it from the absolute fringe of the room and keep it at a distance from the walls. Be sure to choose medium-sized pieces (such as a two-seat sofa instead of three) so things don’t get too bulky.

Also, use chairs and sofas — perhaps even beds — with legs instead of skirted bases. These create a more roomy impression.

Utilize Lucite

Utilizing materials that you can see through greatly enhance the spaciousness of small apartments. This is because anything beyond appears farther away.

Using lucite tables/tabletops and clear glass for your shower cubicle instead of opaque materials help serve the purpose.

Ready To Live Large?

Interior design ideas for a small house can get overwhelming if they make you feel short of space. However, you can visually expand your space without actually breaking down the walls using the tips given above. Do you have more ideas? Share them in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!

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