Holiday Trim Off: 5 Designers Tackle Wildly Creative Christmas Decor

The holidays are a time of family and joy. Whether you’re spending it with your loved ones or just the nostalgia of the Christmas movies you watched as a kid, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most important times of the year. However, interior home decor design and decorations for Christmas can be difficult. Not sure what to get? The following five designers show how they approach holiday design in their own way. Read on to find out more about these creative ideas from some amazing artists!

The Good Life

by David Roentgen

From the time I was a kid, I knew that I would have to be an artist when it came to decorating my Christmas tree. After many failed attempts at trying to craft a perfect Christmas tree, I finally found success with this home decor design.

I call it “The Good Life.” It is a complicated yet delicate design that has taken me several years of practicing to get right. The pattern is really the centerpiece of this piece and can be seen in all its glory on the top of my tree. But, don’t worry! You can find it on my website as well as in my Instagram feed (@davidroentgen).


Oggero is a designer, writer and illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. In an effort to make Christmas decorations accessible to everyone, Oggero designed a 3D printed ornament kit called “The Elf Kit” that allows anyone for interior home
design ideas  to create their own Elf on the Shelf with ease. His ornaments are hand-painted and include instructions on how to make them.

It’s no surprise that Oggero enjoys finding new ways to use his design skills: he loves how he can transform ordinary objects like cans into extraordinary pieces of art.

Von Dutch

“I never set out to make Christmas decorations. I was just doing a
design ideas  for a shirt, and it turned into a Christmas decoration.”

Kendra Scott

“I love the idea of giving something that feels like it’s been around forever, but you can also get to know the story of that object.”

Zoey Martens

“If I were designing something new, it would be all about how hearts are everywhere this time of year.”

Morgana King

Morgana King is an interior home design, who has been doing Christmas design for several years. Her themes are always festive, but often incorporate warm colors and textures to evoke the feeling of cozy holiday cheer. She’s known for her use of eclectic elements and unique designs that are both beautiful and functional.

To create a special space, Morgana says it’s important to start with a unique idea or vision. “I like to get in the mind of my clients,” she says. “What do they want? What are their likes and dislikes? From there I can create a new world for them.”

She typically starts by brainstorming ideas and finding inspiration from around the world to create something “unexpected and fun.” This typically leads her to begin sketching, which she calls the creative process. Next, she begins working with the client to finalize ideas before painting or decorating them. And finally, she goes back into the studio to work on more pieces for future customers.

Lasting Impressions.

Creative Takes

Stephanie Ullman, Founder of Fine Art Lending Galleries

“We have a lot of space to work with and we like to take advantage of that. We have a lot of art on our walls so you don’t need to put up so many decorations. But this year I’m trying to design something more creative.” 

Stephanie Ullman, the founder of Fine Art Lending Galleries, always looks for ways to make her Christmas trees more interesting as well as a perfect interior home design during Christmas. The beauty of that is that it can be done in one simple way: by putting the tree on an old suitcase filled with hay! She suggests using an old suitcase filled with hay as a Christmas tree stand because it’s easy to move around and doesn’t need any extra cords or wiring.

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