Affordable Art Exists—Here’s Where To Shop For It Online

Every homeowner invests themselves emotionally and financially to make their home look great. If you’re done with handpicking the best furniture and lighting fixtures, it is a terrific time to focus on getting art. One or two masterpieces on the canvas can act as the final punch of beauty your home needs. Also havae a look at some wall art painting designs.

wall art painting is more accessible for purchase online than ever before. So if you have a particular art style in your mind or are entering into the search for an art piece blindly, you will find something for you either way.


When it comes to decor, few online marketplaces can compete with Etsy. You can support small artists by choosing to bring business to their table. In return, you will find terrific wall art painting on this platform that has everything related to decor. Regardless of whether your style is vintage or modern, you will not be disappointed. Instead, you can be confident that you will find something that adds oomph to the interiors of your home. After all, Etsy has a lot to offer, and there is no shortage of amazing pieces to purchase from there.

One of the best things about Etsy is that separate categories exist for paintings, prints, sculpture, glass art, drawing, and illustration. In other words, the organization of the website makes it easier to find what type of wall art painting you’re searching for.


Society6 is a marketplace brimming with talent. Modern artists use the platform to sell their work. If you go through the wall art, paintings and tapestries, you are bound to stumble upon something that clicks. The creativity you will find on this site is like no other. Another charming quality of products on Society6 is that they are quite reasonably priced. You can even play about swapping the art in your home every few weeks with the rates you’re offered here. 

One thing about Society6 to love is that it gives creative people a unique platform to sell their products. You can find minimalist art and wall art painting at the drop of a click. In a sale, some art prints even tend to sell for about $16, which is honestly a steal.


Minted is another marketplace where unique art is sold. This platform enables you to learn more about the artist and support their work. After all, you can read an artist’s bio and scour through their work before making a purchase decision. This marketplace is a solid space for emerging artists to get crowdsourced and has tons of great art pieces up for grab.

Something that you will love about Minted is the fact that it allows you to commission work to artists. If you were looking for a platform to get great custom art, perhaps Minted is where you should start.

Saatchi Art 

Did you know that Saatchi Art features more than 110,000 emerging artists from all over the world? You can safely procure a decent art print and wall art painting on this site for about $40. The way the website is organized makes it easy to find art pieces that you will find interesting. Fine art paintings, prints, and photography are what you choose from, but don’t worry if you’re confused.

One unique offering that Saatchi art offers is a complimentary art advisory service. So you will get recommendations based on your preferences making for a big win-win situation.


You can get some impressive abstract wall art painting, photography, and sculptures at Artfinder. This marketplace has more than 200,000 original listings from independent artists. The lowest-priced items can cost about £20. Therefore, you will hardly run out of cool options to purchase art from through this platform.

One great thing about this marketplace is that it has dedicated services for professionals working in home design

Marketplaces Worth an Honorable Mention

Affordable art is highly accessible. You don’t need to be filthy rich to find incredible art, but you need to have the passion for looking for it.

Here are some other marketplaces worth an honorable mention on this list:

  1. Lulu & Georgia
  2. Spacey Studios
  3. Tiny Showcase

Buy Directly From Artists

If you’re in love with Instagram, you will find an incredible artist community there. Instead of going the indirect route and buying affordable wall art painting from marketplaces, you can buy it directly from emerging artists. Spark a conversation with an artist you’re interested in and try to understand their approach to selling art.

Once you find an artist you’re interested in, you can discuss purchasing art from them directly. One benefit of bypassing marketplaces is eliminating commission and supporting artists without dealing with intermediaries.

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