8 Trends Spotted at the Most Popular Indian Exterior Designs

We’ve noticed 8 trends when it comes to the most popular Indian house exterior design in 2021. We have listed these trends below and have also include some images of our favorite homes that are still under construction.

The popular trend is towards more color, contrast, and detailing in the exteriors that use a neutral color palette. The neutral colors we are speaking apply to the glass as well. Rather than going for large windows and doors that give a sense of airiness and space, we are seeing homeowners preferring smaller windows along with bigger frames around them. The bright colors bring in more depth and dimension to the exterior designs where neutral tones tend to appear flat and boring. 

1. Contrasting Colors

We’ve already seen contrasting colors used in the Indian house exterior design with neutral tones in the past few years. The trend has transferred on to exteriors as well. Here, you can see how orange contrasts with gray and white to give it a more energetic look than if used together. Orange is often associated with playfulness, excitement, and warmth while gray gives out a sense of stability and strength. So when these two colors come together they compliment each other beautifully.

2. Nature Inspired Design Elements

Outdoor living spaces are becoming increasingly popular but it’s not easy to incorporate them into your home design. That is one of the reasons why homeowners are opting for homes with a natural feel to them. Buildings are going up with more greenery and gardens and this is what many homeowners want in their own homes as well. We’re seeing a lot of stone wall designs, flower boxes, and hanging plants that resemble trees.

3. Full Glass Walls

The trend here is towards leaving minimal windows on the exterior walls without frames around them. The bigger windows create an effect that makes your home feel airy and open while giving you a beautiful view outside as well. The big windows also help to keep the rooms within your house nice and cool once the summer months approach.

4. Covered Patio Areas

These outside areas covered by a roof are getting very popular in modern Indian house exterior design today and is something we have already noticed quite often in our previous write ups. These roofs come in various shapes and sizes but they all have the same purpose – to provide protection from the outside elements while still giving you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space. Here, you can see how this patio has more of a modern look that really compliments the exterior walls surrounding it. It’s even partially covered with a transparent roof that still allows natural light to come through without letting too much rain or snow come inside as well. 

5. Pergola Roof

Pergolas are a special kind of roof that you can use to cover your patio area while giving it a more rustic feel. It is a traditional structure from many rural areas of the past but it’s now being used in modern homes as well. These roofs tend to be very strong and durable and can even support large amounts of weight. The wood frame is usually made out of cedar wood or pine wood so it will hold up long after you’ve moved into the house. 

6. Charming Outdoor Kitchens

Charming outdoor kitchens are very popular in modern homes these days because they give you a place to cook or prepare food while still being outside. They can include the latest appliances and tons of space to store everything you’ll need while also including cozy seating areas for warmer months. It’s not very difficult to find everything you need for an outdoor kitchen, but it will depend on the size of your yard and whether or not you have enough storage space. 

7. Modern Pool Decks 

As more people become interested in swimming in their outdoor pools, others are looking for ways to increase their space by replacing a portion of their deck with one. With a modern pool deck that’s built with a bit of a curve, you can enjoy the swimming pool and entertaining space all at the same time! The shape also allows for plenty of room for sunbathing and lounging areas as well as storage. 

8. Modern Outdoor Lighting

Finally we have the trend towards modern lighting since it makes everything outside look good. The most popular type of lighting you see is under the roof of each patio and it comes in a variety of different shapes and designs. Sometimes the fixtures are suspended from the roof while others are attached to the walls. All you need is one light per wall so that it’s enough light for your whole area. 

We hope these Indian house exterior design trends will help you get inspired on how to design your home as well as make it more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to everyone that sees it. We also have to say that the latest trends are very beautiful and we’re all excited to see what amazing exteriors will come with this calendar year.  We hope you remember that trends are just that, trends. Some of them will be changed, some of them will fade away and some of them will become a prominent part of our lives. But we can never predict what exactly will happen so be sure you find the design style you love and stick to it.

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